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Driver sets example, gives passenger back Tk 6.1m

Although poverty has forced the 18-year-old Sajib to become an autorickshaw driver, at an age when he should be studying, it could hardly wipe out the honesty which he values in his life full of struggle. 

An amount of Tk61 lakh is, no doubt, a big sum, but the virtue Sajib displayed by returning the amount to its owner overshadowed all other things.

Police said that Masud Hossain, an employee of bKash, a mobile financial service, withdrew the amount from a branch of the United Commercial Bank Limited (UCBL) in Chandpur town around 11:30 am on Sunday.

After withdrawing the money, he got on the battery-run rickshaw of Sajib and went to Jor Pukurpar area. 

Masud left the bag unconsciously in the vehicle and after half an hour, he realized his mistake, which paved the way for displaying Sajib’s honesty.

Masud, along with Chandpur district bKash agent Alamgir Hossain Jewel, rushed to the spot to find the rickshaw puller. 

They, however, managed to see CCTV (closed-circuit television) footage from a nearby under-construction building that showed Sajib was waiting on the spot for half an hour and then left the place.

Later, it was learnt that after finding the bag he returned to his garage at Puranbazar in the town.

Meanwhile, Masud and Jewel went to Sadar police station to inform them about the incident. 

After returning to the garage, Sajib also informed the matter to a local Awami League leader, who contacted the Officer-in-Charge Nasim Uddin of the police station.

Superintendent of Police (SP) Mahbubur Rahman said they were first informed that Tk61 lakh of the Chandpur district bKash agent was mugged.

“We were informed later about the real situation and Sajib, along with the amount, was brought to Sadar police station. After counting all the money, it was handed over to the bKash agent.

“I was overwhelmed by Sajib’s honesty and gave him Tk5,000 as reward,” the SP added.

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