Sunday, May 29 2022, 5:19 am

Gigantic prehistoric circle found near Stonehenge

Archaeologists have discovered a major new prehistoric monument only a short distance away from Stonehenge.

A massive 2km wide ring of prehistoric ‘shaft’ up to 10m across and 5m deep has been discovered around the ‘Superhenge’ at Durrington Walls and the famous site at Woodhenge in UK. The structures have been carbon dated to about 2500BC.

Archaeologists believe the circle of shaft marks a boundary around the massive henge at Durrington. It is thought the features, along with an internal post line, could have guided people towards the religious sites and warned others not to cross the boundary.

Prof Vince Gaffney, 50th Anniversary Chair of the School of Archaeological and Forensic Sciences in the Faculty of Life Sciences, said it was extraordinary such a major find had been made so close to Stonehenge.

“The area around Stonehenge is among the most studied archaeological landscapes on earth and it is remarkable that the application of new technology can still lead to the discovery of such a massive prehistoric structure which, currently, is significantly larger than any comparative prehistoric monument that we know of in Britain, at least.”

“When these pits were first noted it was thought they might be natural features — solution hollows in the chalk. Only when the larger picture emerged, through the geophysical surveys undertaken as part of the Stonehenge Hidden Landscape Project, could we join the dots and see there was a pattern on a massive scale.”

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