Monday, May 23 2022, 9:14 pm

Swarms of locusts reach outskirts of Delhi

Swarms of crop-destroying desert locusts invaded the outskirts of Indian Capital city Delhi on Saturday. The clusters of desert locusts were seen covering the skyline.

Witnesses said they watched the swarms moving in clusters in the sky outside their building and many people recorded the videos of the swarms from their apartments and posted them on social media.

According to residents, the swarms entered from Jhajjar district.

Authorities in Gurugram on Friday evening asked residents to keep their windows shut as a precaution against a possible locust attack. It also asked residents to make clanging noise by beating utensils to ward off the insects.

The administration has also advised farmers to keep their pumps (for insecticide spray) ready so that they can be used when needed.

The locust attack has ravaged parts of Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Punjab, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, and a few other states for over a month.

Last month local government in Delhi issued an advisory on preventive measures to control a possible locust attack in its territory.

The advisory called for organising awareness programmes for public and farmers to prevent the probable attack of swarms of locusts in the national capital territory (NCT) of Delhi.

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