Sunday, January 23 2022, 12:44 am

Export-import through Benapole port halted

Export-import activities between Bangladesh and India through the Benapole land port remained suspended since Wednesday morning.

Export-import through the port stopped on March 22 due to Covid-19 outbreak.

Then after several meetings between the port users of the two countries, the import of Indian products started again on June 7. But no Bangladeshi goods have been able to enter India.

Through Benapole port, Bangladesh imports items like food grains, raw cotton, chassis, vehicles, motor parts, capital machinery, ready-made garments (RMG), iron and steel products, steel plates, cosmetics, baby foods, chemicals, stone and chips etc.

On the other hand, items like jute, jute goods, RMG, Hilsa fish, betel nut, tamarind seed and rice bran etc are mainly exported to India through the port.

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